1 Loop Big Bag

1 Loop Big Bag

This type of Big Bag is made of practically one piece of fabric. This gives the bag a high tensile strength. This type of bag is a very efficient packaging solution as it takes optimum advantage of the raw materials used. 


A standard 1 loop bag is open at the top and has a polyethylene inner bag (liner). Further more, different styles of bags are available (square, star or folded sewn). The bags with a star bottom can be supplied on rolls for automatic filling lines. 


A reinforced identification sleeve is wrapped around the top of the loop of the 1 loop Big Bag. These sleeves are available in different colours, ensuring the bags are easy to identify. It also makes it easier for the forklift truck to identify the lifting point of each bag. 


We always have a large quantity of 1 loop Big Bags in stock. These bags are suitable for packing granulates and powders, such as cement, fertilizer (Urea, NPK), seeds and animal (fish) feed.



  In short: 

•  High tensile strength
•  UV stabilized  
•  Different types of fabric weight/colours
•  Coextruded LDPE / LLDPE liner (30 to 120 µm)
•  Safety Working Load (500-1500 kg)
•  Safety Factor (5:1 - 6:1)
•  UN Certified
•  100% recyclable


1 Loop Big Bag On-roll 



Standaard 1 loop Big Bags