Every day, we take on the challenges of the supply chain. Our mission is to offer our customers reliable and cost-efficient packaging solutions. 


Continuous challenges

There are many factors in the supply chain that play a role in our business operations, such as local economic developments, financial risk management and customs. Interjute focuses on these latest developments and continuously responds to changes. Where necessary, we develop new packaging solutions together with our customers and our production partners. 


Interjute aims to makes business easier for you

Good advice and excellent service are important and this applies equally to efficient production and transport planning. We distinguish ourselves by leveraging our network and developing a sound relationship with our customers. Interjute efficiently uses its entire network for you. 


Production partners

Over the years, Interjute has set up production agreements with plastic packaging companies all over the world. Our most important production partners are located in India, Indonesia and Central Europe. We work closely together with our partners to serve our customers in the best possible way. 




Core activities

• Worldwide delivery to the dry bulk industry

• Expert in international legislation

• Flawless in customs procedures

• Delivery time commitment

• Supply out of stock or direct from origine

• Tailor made bags



• Multilingual team

• Food Grade (AIB, BRC, ISO 22000)

• Ongoing quality controles 

• Printing of bags out of stock